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We can't wait to cook with you. Here are all the deets.

Step 1

What’s in the box?

Carefully selected ingredients to recreate an oh-so-special two-course meal feeding a family of four. Lovingly crafted by our celebrity chefs, The Lazy Makoti, who’ll keep you satisfied with a scrumptious starter and, David Higgs, who’ll masterfully guide you through a majestic main course.

Our friends at Woolworths Food have proudly packed this box full of their amazingly good products, all of which are vegetarian, kosher and halaal, so everyone can join the fun. Some perishable items will need to be sourced from your local Woolies or with the help of a very convenient Dash delivery. We’ve got you covered with a R200 voucher on its way to you.

And it doesn’t stop there. We’re going to add a special treat from Lindt, highest quality Jacobs coffee beans, a bottle of wine and a surprise gift for your kitchen. And don’t forget to add an oh-so-special Cooking for Dreams apron so you can join in on the cook-a-long in style.

Step 2

When will I get my box?

We know, waiting for your Cooking for Dreams box is like impatiently waiting for a very special present to arrive. Our friends at DPD Laser will deliver it to you as soon as you order it. Amazingly, they have agreed to deliver all 2,600 boxes to your door for only R25. We know, how is that even possible with a petrol price nearing R27 a litre!? It’s possible because they are passionate about the incredible work done by Reach For A Dream. Expect your special delivery sometime between the 25th and 30th of August.

But, if you have reserved your VVIP spot at this year’s live Cooking for Dreams, your box will be ready and waiting for you, at a pristine cooking station carefully prepped by our friends at Emperors Palace, who have fully sponsored the event. Get ready for a night of intense cooking, culinary precision and loads of fun.

Step 3

How do I join in on the cook live?

There are two ways. Either you’ve bought your box for only R550 (you can even use your Discovery Miles), couriered to you by DPD Laser, meaning you have earned the right to an exclusive, special access webinar link which will go live on 1 September just before 18:00, guiding you through a cooking masterclass. 

With Covid-19 out of the way, masks down and spatulas up, we are able to meet and cook in person again meaning we can put together a live, in-person spectacle proudly hosted by Emperors Palace. This year, you’ll be able to feed off of the passion and enthusiasm of our celebrity chefs as they guide you through a cooking masterclass. The cooks will kick-off at 18:00 sharp, but make sure to arrive earlier to enjoy welcome drinks and photo opportunities as you prep to cook. You can book your spot at the amazing Cooking for Dreams live event for just R900.

Step 4

How do we have the best time ever?

This year, we don’t have the pressure of a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title attempt – only because we’re still the title holders, and it would just be unfair to break our own record again. This year, it’s all about the food and culinary masterclass. 

So, pour a beverage of your choice, gather the family of hungry helpers and a team of sous chefs around to support the prep and execution of a carefully crafted starter and main course with help of three of South Africa’s most recognisable food personalities as they take you on a culinary journey chock full of fun and purpose.

Meet your celebrity chefs


Lead vocalist of Mi Casa, enthusiastic cook and super dope human being.

David Higgs

Distinguished chef, fine dining restaurant owner and popular TV personality.

The Lazy Makoti

Lover of good food, experienced chef and award-winning cookbook author.

Let's do a quick check. Make sure you have the following:

Your box delivered or waiting at the live event.

The freshest Woolies ingredients.

A totally free from work 1st of Sept evening (17:30 for 18:00).

Your limited edition, oh-so-snazzy apron.

Your game face as you prep for a cullinary masterclass.


We’re about to cook up a storm.

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