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EXCITING NEWS: Lights, camera, action… All eyes will be on Emperors Palace as three local celebrity chefs walk you through a cooking masterclass. Book your spot to join in the action, feeding off of the real-time energy of your epic chefs.

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If you’ve purchased the ticket to the live event, nice choice. You have booked a front-row seat to an Emperors Palace special venue, where loads of enthusiastic cooks will be feeding off of the energy of our three celebrity chefs as they cook you through a culinary masterclass. You’ll be added to our VVIP list and will receive your special ticket in the week leading up to the event.  No need to bring anything with you, all your ingredients will be ready at your station – just come ready to have some fun.

Be sure to arrive early on 1 September, to enjoy welcome drinks and pics.   Event start 5:30pm for 6:00pm.

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